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A can sealing machine is a machine used to seal the lid to the can body. The lid or "end" is usually tinplated steel while the body can be of metal (such as cans for beverages and soups), paperboard (whisky cans) or plastic. The seam formed is generally leak proof, but this depends on the product being canned. The seam is made by mechanically overlapping the two layers to form a hook. Some common Can sealer applications include, but are not limited to: Cans, Automotive filters (oil and fuel), Capacitors, Certain automotive mufflers (silencers), Drums.

Gzfharvest has been manufacturing the can sealing machine since 2010, and we’ve been delivering high-quality, innovative solutions ever since. Gzfharvest offers Can sealer and can closer machine with rated production capacities ranging from 15 to 80 cans per minute. The industries we serve are as varied as the customers who use our can sealing machine and the products they package in cans. From low-volume can sealer to market-test new products to high-efficiency vacuum Can sealer for complex R&D procedures, Gzfharvest has the perfect Model Can sealer for your packaging needs. That's why our can sealer are trusted by countless global brands across a variety of applications, such as:

- Low-volume, semi-automatic can sealing

- Market-testing new products

- Complex R&D procedures

Expert Can sealer and Can Closer Machine Service and Support

Gzfharvest is recognized as a global leader in can sealer technology, with a full line of automatic, high performance Can sealer and can closer machine, specifically designed to meet the canning and seaming equipment needs of food and beverage processors. We have Can sealer and can closer machine for various applications, in operation in over 50 countries. Gzfharvest provides ongoing customer service, technical service, engineering support, spare parts, and training for all of our can sealing machine and can closer machine. Our can sealing experience and knowledge are second to none.

Whether you've worked with can sealer for decades or you're brand new to the process, our dedicated sales team and customer service representatives can help with any questions you may have about our can sealing machine equipment. You can reach us at


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