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Automatic Can Seaming Machine A Guide for Beginners

Sep. 06, 2021


An automatic can seaming machine can either have one or more seaming heads in which each head is considered as a separate machine. The most popular machines have 4, 6, or 12 heads, with the number of heads increasing with the machine’s speed for production lines requiring higher demands.


Moreover, you can automate can sealing machines to streamline the packaging process to improve production efficiency and save on labor costs. Apart from these, you can also enjoy other benefits of integrating an automated packaging machine into your production line.


Major Parts of an Automatic Can Seaming Machine


A can seamer machine has the following major parts:


1: Seamer Head (Chuck)

The machine’s seaming chuck holds the can firmly together with the seamer turntable on the other side during the process of double seaming. It also protects the can from the pressure of the first and second seaming roller operations. The chuck’s dimensions will depend on that the can’s diameter being sealed. Thus, different chucks are needed for different can diameters.


2: Seamer Turntable 


Also known as the compression plate, the seamer turntable, which is a spring-loaded disc, spins freely and gives support to the can body during the sealing process. It centers the can body in the correct position and transmits the pressure from the spring to the chuck through the container. Also, the base plate’s shape will depend on the can’s shape, allowing the can to be inserted into it correctly.


3: Seaming Rollers


A can sealing machine consists of two seaming rollers having concave profiles that help in creating double seams. Depending on the speed of the machine, it can have one or more sets of seaming rollers.


4: Sealing Chamber & Vacuum Room


Can sealing machines, such as nitrogen filling vacuum sealing machines, perform the sealing process in sealed chambers, especially when removing the oxygen from the containers prior to the sealing process. The removal of oxygen takes place inside a vacuum room under vacuum pressure. This maintains the integrity of the product inside.


5: Ejector


The ejector is a rod equipped with a small disc at the end. It emerges at the seaming head’s center and moves vertically in a cam action. Also, it contributes to maintaining the proper placement of the lid on top of the can.


6: Feeder Caps


All automatic can sealing machines have cap feeders that take a lid from a pile of closures and transport the lid to the sealing station before the sealing process.


Once the cans are filled, the automatic can seaming machine transmits the filled container to their predefined places.



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