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Types of Can Sealing Machine An Intelligible Guide

Sep. 06, 2021


As the demand for different easy-to-open packaged products such as packaged food and canned beverages increases, the need for a more efficient packaging method to meet this demand is also increasing. This includes the use of automated can seaming machines to produce tamper-evident seals to ensure the safety of the consumers. Thus, manufacturers also need to innovate their products to keep up with this demand.


However, choosing a suitable can sealing machine for a particular application can be challenging as different tin/can seamer is needed for handling different types of products, especially if you are new to the industry and know nothing about these machines. If you are having the same problems, then you are in the right place! In this article, we will help you familiarize yourself first with the basic principles of the machines before you start purchasing one.


Types of Can Sealing Machine


1: Automatic Can Seaming Machine


Automatic can sealer machines will not need that much interaction with the operator during the sealing process because the majority of the processes are done automatically. The operator only needs to supply lids in bulk to the machine. Thus, these machines are recommended for businesses requiring high production demands.


2: Semi-Automatic Can Seaming Machine


For semi-automatic can seaming machines, the operator needs to initiate the can seaming process, usually through a finger or footswitch for each sealing cycle. These machines typically seal one container at a time, so they are recommended for small productions or home use.


3: Rotary Machine Designs


Rotary can seaming machines perform the sealing operation while the containers rotate on their axis. Fully automatic can seamers will usually have these designs, allowing them to seal containers at fast speeds; thus, making them ideal for industries with extensive operations.

Also, rotary can sealers are often used for seaming round cans and are equipped with up to 18 seaming heads revolving around a single head.


4: Non-Rotary Machine Designs


On the other hand, non-rotary can seaming machines allow the cans to remain stationary through the seaming process. This avoids damage to the cans being sealed and the products contained inside; thus, making them ideal for dealing with liquid products packaging as they prevent spilling.



The automatic can seaming machine and other sealing machines listed in this post are highly preferred among businesses.


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